Why Your Passion is Key to Niche Marketing

A lot of potential clients who call me start off the conversation like this: “How much do I have to spend in order to get 5,000 more Facebook fans? Or how about 10,000 new Twitter fans?”

And what I tell them? “This type of thinking will never yield you real fans or customers.”

That’s because real fans of any business, product or service are fans because they found a reason to WANT to be fans.


Put people before promotion

This is especially true on Facebook where the vast majority are there to connect with friends and family. Yeah, they may have liked your company page, but your company page posts are interrupting their news stream of Alex’s first ballet recital, Uncle Harry’s prostate cancer update, John and Lauren’s announcement that they are having twins – and lets not forget the political rants, the friends who write thoughtful and hilarious things, the meals and the moments.

Yep, you are competing with all of that, so you better give them something GREAT to rise above all of those posts.

How do you do that?

If so there is one element that will help you stand out it’s YOUR PASSION. Usually, this is the distinguishing factor between a person who gets their audience and one who doesn't.

If your audience (read potential clients) doesn’t feel this from you they'll hightail it down the timeline to find something else that resonates.


Passion is your calling card

Your passion means you know what strikes a chord with your audience, because the same things strike a chord with you. Plus, you're interacting because you care. It matters to you that you understand your audience and there's no faking that.

Think about it: what do you love - and it can be many things - and how can you apply your skill set to what you love to make things happen for you and the people who are your audience or clients?


7 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Passion Where Your Mouth is:


1) When you’re passionate, people will come

People will gather around your music, your business vision, your whatever because they can feel your passion for it and they want to be a part of that “something good.”


2) Passion begins conversations

You might find a like-minded person on Twitter and never run out of things to @ each other about, which builds relationships - authentic marketing at the same time


3) Passion keeps the love alive

Yes this pertains to business, too. You know that person who you exchange ideas with on your socials or that person who responds to your newsletter? She may become your biggest fan or supporter. Or, maybe she’ll refer you to someone perfect, or maybe she becomes a new client.


4) Passion begets passion

Do you grow tired of talking about what you love? I’m willing to bet, no. And that draws other people to you who are passionate about the same things, which is your audience or your fans or clients.


5) Passion inspires focus

If you start down a path toward something you love, you'll want to explore everything it. You’ll become an expert in the fields where you've chosen to focus by staying in the conversation.


6) Expressed passion rises to match your skill set

You may not see this for quite some time, but if you love something you’ll keep doing it better and better. Stick with it and the cream will rise to the top.


7) Zero passion is zero intention, drive, and purpose.

You need all three of those things to have a successful business. Without them, you'll flounder.

I don't need to tell you that when you're really passionate about something, it becomes entwined in your DNA. And what better in life than to do what you love and help others while expressing your passion? Your ideal audience and clients get that, and you'll be drawn together naturally.

Focus on your core values and your personal mission led by passion rather than focusing on “the next 5,000 followers.” It’s NOT about numbers, it’s about people, and having the right customer in your follower base and talking only to her.

Take a risk today. Tweet, blog or write something that you feel deeply passionate about.

Don’t worry if it “sells” your business or your idea. It shouldn’t do that. Put passion before promotion.

True and authentic business benefits will come after the passion connection is made.

Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for 20 years and runs Cyber PR®, a dynamic social media & content strategy company based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs & podcasts, establishes their online brands, and coaches them to create authentic relationships. She has spoken in 12 countries and is the author of four books on social media for artists, two of of which have hit number one on Amazon.